Monday, January 4


Greetings, dear reader!

Today I spent my last day of winter break scanning photos and copying patterns from my gnome jealous I am of you, "E" and those among my dear readers who  can crochet, embroider, knit and sew! So many cute things! So many adorable patterns! But alas, my medium is indeed paper...and so paper it shall be!

However, occasionally, I venture into my lovely red and aqua kitchen to whip up something it was miniature cupcakes...behold:


And chocolate, chocolate cherry cupcakes made for my small group! Yum!




Meanwhile, I am getting my materials together, laid out and ready for my mad gnome making and for the upcoming Valentines Day holiday. I found the CUTEST paper from BoBunny! You will just DIE when you see it! Sneak Peak tomorrow!

Hugs and Cherry Smooches,
Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

PAULA!!!! I hope you read me RIGHT NOW! I knew I left January open for a reason - GNOMES!!!! Oh my gosh!! That's it! I am making a Gnome penny rug immediately, and I will make each of us little mice in gnome hats! The quilt! I just have to have Dutch Colours look at it. I love your paper gnome, it's perfect! It looks just like the felt ones. I must tell you I found THE cutest red mushroom at JoAnne's and the cutest gnome to go with it which I didn't get. I am in my 50's (so I keep telling myself) I am excited to look at the BoBunny papers here tomorrow. Can't wait for V'Day paper crafts from you! Paula, thank you so much for sharing your teacher story, I just loved it. I think we have a childhood in common. Oh! I just noticed my bluebird on your sidebar! What an honor! Rambling now, must get felt! E

Scrap for Joy said...

I have been enjoying all of your gnome posts Paula. I remember when The Gnome Book came out and they were all the rage. Being married to a Swede, we have lots of gnomes (in Swedish-tomptes) and we have some in our garden. I can't wait to see what you're making from your book. The cupcakes look delish!

Sandy said...


Love these cupcakes! They are just the right size! As usal, Elizbaeth went to town! LO(L Gob bless her, I wish I had her energy!!!!! FINALLY got Christmas all done! (Doing the happy dance) :) YOur red and aqua kitchen is so darn cute!