Thursday, January 28


Greetings dear gnomlings!

I have spotted several gnome parties in need to check them out before the gnomes pack up and head south for the duration of these cold winter months...

From our friend in the frozen tundra of Alaska, we find this blog entry:

And THE most adorable gnome quilt EVER!

And from our friend at Garden of Daisies:

Some gorgeously, colorfully wonderful gnome illustrations!

And from the 3D mind of ImagiMeri:


Incredible, yes?

And *I* received the most incredible box of goodies from my dear friend Elizabeth at Creative Breathing:

The box itself is gorgeous (a Martha Stewart special!):

And the treasures inside beyond wonderful!

My gnome village is now complete!

DO go and check out these the Gnome Party is winding down to make way for Valentine Madness!

Drawing for all the gnome goodies (and a few surprises) tomorrow! Also, be sure to email your snail mail addy to me if you'd like a gnome tag...the last day of January is the last day to get in on the gnomey goodness!

Hugs and kisses,
Paula Clare


Heleen said...

I love the gift Elizabeth made for you! It is beautifull! I just bought that gnome book too and it has so many nice ideas!

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula, thank you for featuring my Gnome sculpt, I really appreciate it. I'll definately post piccy's when it's done, hopefully before they all leave.....LOL. Thanks for being an inspiration in my adventure of making a gnome.


GardenofDaisies said...

Hi Paula, thanks for making special note of the Gnome illustrations I posted on my blog. It was fun going back though my fairy tale books looking for those.

Sandy said...

Where did oyu get that wonderful gnome camper thingie???? My Gosh is that cute! My brother RV's...that would be a great gag gift! I love the things you show here! And as usual E went above and beyond...don't you just love her????? By the way, I am headed to Meri's house we be sisters from other mothers! LOL

annemarie said...

I have just been catching up on your gnome party - what fun this is.

vivian said...

see what you started? how awesome! And.. dont you just Love E's special creations! She just plain rocks! (we have such a wonderful sista!)
hope you have a fun and creative weekend.

Faith Lynn said...

Hi Paula,
Your Gnomillage is adorable!

prashant said...

I just bought that gnome book too and it has so many nice ideas!

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