Wednesday, December 2


Greetings, dear reader!

As I am editing the final draft of my Christmas "how to" video, I have fallen absolutely and completely in love with Cath are just a few of the goodies I adore:




Vid on the way! Stay tuned!
Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I don't even know this designer, and I am in love! I think my work looks like the felt items! Oh, please, please share your head vases some time. I think they are amazing! I love that you can quote my favorite Christmas movie! EEE gads, now I have to plan something with cut out flowers - got to go. Looking forward to video! E

She'sSewPretty said...

Me too! Me too! It is probably a good thing that there is not a Cath Kidston store in California. I would probably go broke!!

vivian said...

I love cath kidson too.. are you getting the catalog? they send them free from Australia. I love everything in it. that tea cosy is sweet isnt it? maybe we should do a tea cosy swap or challange sometime in the new year!
have a great weekend!

bathmate said...

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