Friday, November 27


Greetings, dear readers!

I hope all of you spent a day of warmth, food, family and fun this Thanksgiving! I was with my dear son and daughter in love and my 3 grand kitties and 2 grand much love in such a little house! We had a wonderful time! Behold the veritable feast that my daughter in love created for us:

Stay tuned for exciting information about my "how to" videos for Christmas crafts!

Hugs and kisses,
Paula Clare


Angela said...

It all looked delish!!!! Hooray for new "how to" videos!! I have missed them so :) Oh, and I forgot to post a comment about the freebie calendar...I downloaded it, and it is TO always!!
Looking forward to the Christmas Craft how to videos!!! There's only a few holiday crafting days left!!!

Sheila said...

Yes i had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Full but content. CAn't wait for your videos.. fun fun fun

vivian said...

oh all the lovely beautiful calories! hope you had a happy day!

Cat said...

GRand Gerbils!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!