Monday, April 20


Greetings, dear readers!

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I received this for Valentines Day:

Here is the "Canned Ham" all 10 feet of it! The hideous harvest gold stripe (so very "in" in the 70s) will soon be a lovely retro aqua. (Think 1950s) The interior (which is equally hideous) shall sport shiny white appliances, denim cushions, and red bandana window coverings. 1950s Cowgirl is the theme...



The interior:

The other side of the dining area. The lady made red and green cushion covers. The curtains are red, green, and blue. No thank you.

The "lovely" harvest gold stovetop. It's gas and it works so that's the important thing. The owners have all the grills and missing parts.

The ceiling has been recently renovated and the paneling is all new.

Here is one of the cabinet doors, before the handles and the "westernizing"

And doesn't look too impressive on the single door, but ALL of the cabinet doors having rope on them simply SCREAMS cowgirl!

Whaddya think? More soon!


Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love your canned ham!

Julie Quinn said...

Whoa, Paula! Wow! You are one creative lady! I love the camper redo.

Cat said...

OMG SO COOL!!! Leave it to you to totally remodel your canned ham in the cutest way. LOVE IT!

Paula Clare said...

Thanks you guys! I am so glad you appreciate my "wacky" sense of style! Bud still doesn't "get it" (the whole cowgirl and 50s retro thing doesn't jive in his

Tina said...

Super CUTE!!! your doing a bang up job if you ask me :) go forth and have cowgirlious fun!!!