Saturday, January 31


Greetings, dear reader!

I am thrilled to announce the second annual from Paula's Palace of AltAred Art!

Altered Art: Collaging, embellishing, enamelling, stamping or doing anything else to a book or other household item to reflect a creative idea, theme or narrative. Making the old new again! It's being GREEN at its finest!

I am currently getting details in place, but wanted to give you the dates so you can be planning ahead. I am currently looking at a weekend in March: Friday, March 20, Saturday, March 21 and Sunday March 23. I have 2 (possibly 3) locations in mind. One is very local (i.e. in "the Vern), one is about an hour away (St. Charles, MO) and third is about a 5 hour drive in the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri! The prices are approximately the same, so the only additional expense would be travel to/from. If we decide on the Ozarks destination, I can drive our van and seat approximately 6-8 folks. (not counting luggage) :-) Some are handicap accessible, and some are not. The ST. Charles destination is an older Victorian home and therefore has little or no handicap access...with the possible exception of the Carriage House in the back! WOOT!

While I am in "information gathering" mode, I would like to hear from YOU, dear reader, to help discern what location is favored, and what projects you'd like to work on. I have some ideas already, but want to make sure things are as you'd like them!

The retreat will include travel costs, lodging, (2 nights, 3 days) all meals, projects materials, and class instruction. Isn't this exciting? Start saving your shekels now artists! You'll be SO glad you did!

(PS This would make a GREAT Valentine's gift from the hubby, don't you think? WINK)

More information soon!


Paula Clare

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Cat said...

I SOOOO WANT TO COME!! I wish I could be there--it sounds great. Once you get the details down, let me know and I will post a button on my blog and send and email to my artsy friends. I will sooo miss being there :)