Thursday, September 4


Greetings, dear reader!

For all who came to the Blogoversary party yesterday, thank you! I had a blast! I also promised you party favors to all the "good little boys and girls" who attended. Well, whether you're good or not (who am I to determine such things after all?) here are the fab little party downloadable form just for you! I heard through the grapevine that you are a bunch of vintage loving folks.. So...first, a page out of the Mother Goose book I told you about a few posts ago:

I think you can "Halloween" it up, or even use it for Thanksgiving. If you (via a little photoshop magic) remove the poem, it could be stationary or a poster for the holidays! I just love the sweet images...

If "sweet" is not your thing, then perhaps you will enjoy these: vintage craft "diy" (before DIY was ever thought of) pages from the 1957 Jack and Jill magazine:

How anyone determines what is a "boy's page" and what is a "girl's page" is beyond me. Keep a copy of both...or all three and give them to kids at Halloween along with an old fashioned popcorn ball! (Does ANYBODY make those anymore?) I remember they used to be my very favorite treat while making the Trick or Treating rounds...

And, for those of you who missed the party yesterday...there's still time to comment either on this post or on the Blogoversary post and be entered into the drawing to win an awesome vintage-y, kitschy kit from my shop! (Still assembling and gathering for photos...will post pictures soon...honest!)

One more's a sneaky peeky at something made recently for my shop...grand opening in 11 days (hoping Lollishops is up and running by then...if not, I'll open it via blog form and then switch over!)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be doing the drawing sometime this weekend! Stay tuned!

More soon!

Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

Popcorn Balls, yes. I have a DE-LISH easy caramel recipe. It's actually something the girls and I have made a couple times.


Tina said...

Pop Corn balls were my FAV too..Cute goodies!!

scrappysue said...

oh dear i missed your blogaversary party! how'd that happen? belated greetings - it looks like it was a blast! and lucky fannie!