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I cannot believe I've been at this for a year already! Time flies when you're having fun! (Groovy clock from my peeps at Junk Gypsy)

I have met SO MANY wonderful people here in the kingdom of Blogdom, and many of you have become dear friends as well as starving artist commrades! For example, an amazing author and wordsmith Rebecca Ramsey. Today is HER blog Birthday too! Click on Ms. Globehead to go to the party! There's fab blog candy up for grabs over there as well...including a copy of her book!

I've learned alot by reading your blogs, posts and comments...and although I AM clueless a great deal of the time:

I am ALWAYS up for another learning adventure! Case in point...

While checking out the amazing SIS tv webisode this week (they are really having too much fun over can check them out by clicking on the SisTV box in my sidebar) I discovered a video on making yoyos! No, not these kinds of yoyos (although they ARE fascinating)

(I ask you, WHO could not LOVE THAT yo yo?)

But I am talking about THESE kinds of yoyos:

Remember the vintage-y aqua and red fabrics I told you I was going to make an art quilt out of? THESE are going to be the flowers on said quilt. Cool, huh? And OH SO EASY PEASY (or I could have never done it!) Yo yos are all the rage for embellishments on scrapbook pages too. I'll give you the reader's digest version of how to make them:


STEP 1: Select your fabric. Small prints are best if your yo yos are going to be small-ish.

STEP 2: Find a round object (I used a coffee can) or a circle cutter to create your fabric circles with. Any size you wish.

STEP 3: Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle. Once all the way around, pull thread and gather until fabric loos like a smooshed little ball.

STEP 4: Flatten out fabric and make a couple of stitches to hold gathered fabric.

STEP 5: Sew a button on top to cover gathers and stitches.

VOILA! Fabric yo yos! I can't wait to use them on a canvas and in an art quilt! WOOT!

If you need visual representation in order to "get it", please go to Sis TV and click on Webisode # 76. You'll find all kinds of cool things there...even exclusive paper lines! Very fun...

Oh! And the reason for this post?! Leave a comment HERE and I will draw someone to win another FABulous prize from my little shop! Since this time we're celebrating something as AMAZING as a Blogoversary, I am giving away one of my vintage you-can't-find-it-anywhere-else kits! This it includes kitschy goodness, papers, fabric, embellies, and some "weird stuff" found at estate sales. I'll be back later with a photo of said kit.

There will also be party favors for each and every commenter...oh! And here are your cupcakes:

Are they not gorgeous? From the Great Little Cupcake Company in the UK! I expect my friend and new London resident Cat will be frequenting the place soon!

Meanwhile, comment away! I will use a random number generator, in order to be completely fair and...well...random! This MIGHT BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!?!?!?!

More soon!

Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Paula!
Just hopping over from the blog party to say hello! Come join us!
Your yoyo's are wonder-full!

Debbie said...

Hey Sis, the YO-YO's are wonderful, you did a great job. Happy Blogiversary!!!

Love ya,

Queen Bean said...

Paula, Ooh I could really use one of those cupcakes now. Congrats on your 1 year as a blogger. Woo hoo. Deana

Miss Angie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I LOVE the YO-YO's...I had never heard them called that before? (talk about clueless!) To cute and to easy.....LOVE THAT!! And those darn cupcakes have my mouth watering...although they are almost to cute to eat! Have a blessed day!

Miss Angie

Anonymous said...

Hey Chicky! Happy Blog-o-versary. I know I have some of those yo yo maker thingamajigs in a bag here, in your box they will go.


LW said...

What a wonder-full party..

I adore YO-yo's goes right along with my bubbles..


Bethel of Bethania said...

Happy Blogoversary to you
Happy Blogoversary to you
Hap-py Blogo-versary to y-ou
Happy Bolgoversary to YOUUUUUU....
I kid you not it's better than hearing me sing Paula... have a great time ... I'd love a little cup-cake and some fizz please ... hand it around, girl ... B

karin said...

Heya Paula,

Your blog is such fun, long posts filled with art! i love it!
take care
karin from sunny south africa

Bunny B said...

Happy Blogiversary Paula!! :)
Mmmm... those cupcakes look yummy! Thanks! :)

Bethel of Bethania said...

So you guys still up partying??? have I missed anything??? I see there are still some cupcakes left I see & I'm still feeling hungry for them ... ha ha Hope you have had a wonderful day ... take care ... luv ... Bethel

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through...Susannah x

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I enjoyed your post. I need those cupcakes.... now. hungry.


Fannie said...

Happy Blogoversary, Paula. I'm glad to have found your blog. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Love your music . . . sweet high school memories.

Congrats! Continued success and friendships in the coming year and always.