Tuesday, July 29


Greetings again, dear reader!

I thought while we're on the subject of inspiration, I'd share with you another of my "real life" inspirations: my son Paul.

We were blessed to spend time with "the boy" this weekend...he is such a fun and "colorful" kind of guy. Just a laugh a minute (like his dad) and always quick with the sarcastic comebacks (like his mom) ...I just LOVE that about him! He is artistic and spiritual and articulate and just so many fun things rolled up into one. My soon-to-be-daughter in law is getting quite the catch, if I do say so myself!

While he doesn't always "get" my artistic endeavors (i.e. my decapitated doll head collection for example) he is ALWAYS encouraging and enthusiastic about artistic expression and being true to ones self. It's always fun to hear what other folks think about him...we met a few of the bridesmaids his fiance and he have chosen to be in the wedding.

Paul, my husband and I were standing around talking and laughing with them, when one of them said, "WOW...what a resemblance!" and immediately both my husband and I said "Thank you." LOL! It's true, he IS a scary/fun combination of the two of us. Both in looks and personality. What's great is the older he gets, and the more he becomes his own person, the more we like him and realize that in spite of the genetic deficiencies handed down by his dad and me, and through some strange act of God and random unnamed cosmic event, he has become a truly wonderful person.

So...after an exhausting weekend, but feeling oh-so-inspired, I created the following tag banner for Halloween. I am part of the ArtsyMama Sweet and Sinister Halloween Swap. The swap was amazingly popular, however there is an additional blog for folks who want to be part of the classes and inspiration taking place from amazing artists like Candice Carpenter (of Peacoats and Party Hats fame), Laurie from Happy As A Lark Designs.

Anyway, Laurie designed this lovely garland (Laurie's spells out SPOOKY):

And here is my take on the project: (mine spells out "BEWITCHED")

You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it...the Flickr photo has further details!

More fun and "spooky" projects to come! Meanwhile, continue to share with me what YOU'RE inspired by, won't you? I think it's fascinating!

Next post I will be talking about the 1000 Journals documentary ... and sharing some photos of an art journal I have been keeping and adding to for years.

More soon!


Paula Clare

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Miss Angie said...

Glad to hear of your fun time with Paul...and congrats on your soon to be new daughter(in-law).