Friday, July 18


I'm really not much for them, personally.

I mean, I LOVE to get unexpected things in the mail, and I like unexpected random acts of kindness...but a PLANNED surprise (like a 40th birthday surprise party for example?)

The kind and thoughtful husband I spoke of in my previous post plotted and planned to have friends meet at an undisclosed location (undisclosed TO ME that is) and then surprise me when he took me there on a pretense of an "intimate barbecue with another couple."

Enroute, I decided I didn't really feel up to a get together and couldn't we just have a quiet dinner together? Well, his rather hasty and adamant "NO!" should have clued me in, but the more I gave what I thought were valid reasons for a PRIVATE soiree, the more hysterical he became, until finally he blurts out: "I've PLANNED A SURPRISE PARTY FOR YOU, OK? There will be 25 or 30 people expecting us and waiting for us and we HAVE TO SHOW UP!" Enter hysteria. Panic. Cold, clammy hands. Now, I knew the whole ugly truth. I was going to walk into a room of 30 people, and, for a split second would be the absolute center of attention. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! After a rather...uh hum: PASSIONATE discussion, we arrive at our destination, the group yells the obligatory "Surprise" and it's all over with. Period. The End. In that moment I learned something about myself. I don't mind being somewhere if the OTHER PEOPLE are joining me...but to be the ONE who makes the entrance? Nope. Don't like it. Not one bit. Ergo my first, and, effectively, my LAST surprise birthday party.

So why, you ask (andyou've been very patient by the way) do I share with you this little tale of horror? Well, I said all that to say, I hope you LIKE surprises because I am going to pick a random post in the next 7 days (there, I've given you a hint) and I am going to give a little RAK to EVERYONE who comments! WOOHOO! None of this being "singled out" and the "center of attention" stuff! LOL! And probably, much to the chagrin of my New Zealand friend, Scrappy Sue, I LIKE IT WHEN EVERYONE IS DECLARED A WINNER. I haven't a competitive bone in my body. Sorry. Just can't muster the wherewithal to HAVE to be better, faster, smarter, slicker, whatEVER.

SO, happy day, huh? Stay tuned, I'll be giving you hints as to what the RAKs might be as we go along!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Debbie said...

sounds like a lot of fun Sis.

scrappysue said...

that's so funny paula! i love surprises, altho i don't ever get many coz my family say i'm impossible to surprise! prob coz of my terrible control freak tendencies heh

anyway - i will be watching!!!

Queen Bean said...

i don't like being surprised either.deana

Bunny B said...

I love surprises!! But only if they're good ones :)

Cat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Are you a Cancer, too?? I hope that you had fun, even though you weren't expecting it.

paula clare said...

CAT! Aren't you the SWEETEST THING to think I just had my 40th birthday?!?! You have just become my bestest friend!

That story, was, sadly, TEN years ago. My birthday is 3 days after Christmas...Dec. 28, so I'm a Capricorn. A forgotten, post Christmas "oh, I wrapped it in Christmas paper, didn't you see it?" birthday girl!

I never EXPECT anything from anyone, so whenever I get something at ALL, it's a nice 'surprise.' (NOT the party variety however)

Thanks for thinking of me!

Paula Clare

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Paula. I hate suprises. I'm not much on change either, takes me a while to adjust.


Miss Angie said...

Yeah, not much for the "tada" moment of a surprise party involving gaggles of guests. YIKES!!! Hope you had a happy birthday anyway!!!