Tuesday, June 17


Greetings, dear reader! Today I am pleased to show you another project I've recently completed using the amazing Grungeboard by Tim Holz. It's amazing stuff...not quite chipboard and not quite...well...something else. Anyway, inspired by the incredible Ngaire Bartlam's Favorite Words Tag Book, I created this little "key ring size" book of houses.

I love loading things with ribbon (as if you couldn't tell) the colors are just so happy-making!

More soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Paula,
The roof, what's the roof made of?


Tina said...

Very cool book~~~

paula clare said...

Hey there ladies!

The roof is made of this groovy German Dresden Scallop Border Scrap. It's paper...but doesn't it look like METAL?!? I just LOVE to use it for edging houses, cards, books, whatever!

Anonymous said...

It DOES look like metal. I was searching the recesses of my mind wondering just HOW you got lace to look like that :) Awesome!!!

scrappysue said...

love, love, LOVE that stuff! you make it so fun!