Friday, April 4


Day 2 at CKC began a bit earlier than I'd hoped...apparently roomie /cohort in scrapbooking has a regular wakeup time of 4:30 a.m. So...awake at 4:30 and stumbling around in the dark...I was awakened from my slumber. SOoooooooo, we began working on our unfinished Chatterbox project from the night before.

Later, we began our non-stop classes - and our might-as-well-forget-about-lunch marathon. At 8:30 I went to my first class of the day: "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE"...Here is the project from the class:

I met up again with cohort and buddy Deb for our next class: 4 Ribbon Techniques. The class was sponsored and taught by SEI who gave us this FABULOUS album to work on:

Here are some of the ribbon techniques we learned:

1. Ribbon knots
2. Ribbon lattice
3. Ribbon wrapped dimensional stickers
4. Sizzix die-cut ribbon
5. Quad-tied ribbon
6. Ribbon-tied rings
7. Ribbon photo corners
8. Ribbon flowers

Here is a simple ribbon knot:

And the ribbon flower...this is a really easy, neat way to use those little bits of ribbon too short for anything else. You simply pile on top of each other 3, 3 inch ribbons. Then twist them all in the center, and poke a rhinestone brad through all three ribbons to hold. Voila! A ribbon flower! You can also use this technique to make ribbon butterfly wings:

Another cool idea is creating a ribbon lattice. Here's my version:

You simply punch 4 holes in left side of frame. Cut 2, 8" ribbons. Then, from the back braid ribbon in holes. Tie in a knot in the front. Insert rhinestone brads in each of the 4 holes.

And then this...why OH WHY I never thought of it before is beyond me...

Wrapping skinny little ribbon across and around a dimensional sticker! The sticky adhesive holds the ribbon, so no need to glue! AND because I am one who firmly believes one can NEVER have too much or use too much ribbon, I REALLY like this technique:

Quad-wrapped ribbon is simply taking 4 pieces of ribbon and stacking them on top of each other, being sure to put the widest ribbon on the bottom of the stack. Then using the widest ribbon tie a knot around all the other ribbon. It holds it ALL in place and there is only a need for one knot! How clever!

And this ribbon technique is seen EVERYWHERE...on the padded memo board used to hold photos and messages:

Lay ribbon diagonally across the page. Cut ends of ribbon at angle so they are flush with the edge of the page. Adhere only the ends of the ribbons to the page. Insert tag, photo, or journaling card where ribbons intersect.

WHEW! And all that (and more) had to be completed in one hour! We were ribbon tying fools I tell you! As an added plus, SEI gives you SO MUCH STUFF with each kit, we had plenty of leftovers for making and decorating photo mats, tags, journaling cards, etc. FAAAAAAAAAAAbulous!

After this class I headed out for my Basic Grey Class...I have always LOVED Basic Grey's papers and grungy style...however, had it not been for being in the class with my friend Cat

The whole class would have been a total bust...a reeeeeeeal disappointment. The class was touted as being "The Latest and Greatest" with Basic Grey. Well, I suppose it WAS the latest...newest papers, etc. But the greatest? We did 4 page layouts (which were very typical scrapbooking fare). A total rebel, I made one page and then began creating other things with the remaining pages. The T/A's were walking around the room giving me the evil eye...hey, I PAID FOR THIS CLASS! If I want to take the goods and TOTALLY ignore the instructor that should be my perogative, yes? Anyhoo, here is the one page I completed:

BOO! You would think a class sponsored by Embellish It would have included...well...some embellishments. No buttons, no ribbon, no brads. Nothing. Of course, once I get finished it will SURELY contain all of those things and much is my fashion. :-) And all THIS...before noon!

More about classes and treasures created later!


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Angeleenee said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! Especially the first creation on the post! To cute!!!! Can't wait to hear more...think I shall sashay on over to Deb's site and see what she has posted about the adventurous outing!!! Sounds like a great time was had by one and all!

Scrapin' Smilies~