Saturday, February 2


Greetings gentle readers! I am writing today to show yet another project I've been working on...but before I do, allow me to (in the words of Ricky Ricardo) "do some splainin.'"

One of the things that helped me make the shift from traditional scrapbooker to altAred artist is my love for texture, color and...well...stuff! All kinds of random stuff! And I discovered (early on) that nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is exempt from the hands of an AltAred Art artist! The world is my palette and its bounty my oyster! (insert maniacal laugh here)

Meanwhile, back at the palace, my scrapbook pages were (in the words of many traditional scrapbook consultants) "too busy"..."too overloaded" and just, "too...TOO!" Ergo my first jaunt into the wonderful world of AltAred art.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I saw (while perusing the 30+ blogs I read each day) some DREAMY vintage fabric and some GORGEOUS vintage aprons, and...well...that's where it began. I love quilts because they are so colorful and eclectic. (Bear in mind I am one of the "special girls" in home ec who had to turn in her "zipper work" 4 times to get a "D"...and I never DID pass the "hemming" bit!) so needless to say, sewing is NOT my forte.

However, while reading one of my somerset magazines (they are all riddled beyond belief...from all the oooooooooohing and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhing I do) I saw ART quilts. Tiny, non functional, groovy to look at ART QUILTS! AHA! The wheels began to spin...maybe I don't have a sewing machine and maybe I CAN'T sew, but I DO know how to embroider (sort of) and with all the amazing stuff they have to help the sewing challenged, well, I just HAD to give it a go (as they say across the pond).

And so, without further adieu, I give you my first attempt EVER at sewing ANYTHING since the zipper debacle of yesteryear. I made it with the FABulous vintage fabrics I told you about a few posts ago (laugh me to scorn if you must):

(You KNOW there'll be) More soon!


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