Saturday, January 26


Greetings Friends! Today I want to show you the FAB stash of vintage goodies I found while perusing a semi-local flea market. And THEN I will share with you an incredible will be giddy with excitement!

Isn't it just DREEEEEEEEEEEEAMY? (I was in an aqua and red retro mood while choosing my fabric...can you tell?) While drooling amidst the old-time goodies I spied a Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet in excellent condition...and guess was aqua and red! OH HOW I WANTED IT TO GO HOME WITH ME! Too die for! I digress...

The above fabric will find its way into various art quilts and other AltAred Art fabric projects...
And now for the exciting announcement...I have discovered an easy, inexpensive way to print on muslin using a common inkjet printer! Behold the experimental prototype:

I have been experimenting with different transfer methods, because as an AltAred Artist, I like to dabble in a LOT of things rather than just "specialize" in one mode/method of creating. Ergo, I want to try my hand at miniature art quilts. In order to do this, I had to find a way to get the images I wanted to use onto fabric. I've tried the laser printer/burnishing method, the toner copier/water method, to no avail. I'm not sure if I didn't understand the instructions, or if I got too bogged down in details (of which I am NOT a fan!) However, while reading an issue of the FABulous Somerset Studio magazine (from 2006) I ran across a method I thought might work. SOOOOO, do you want to know how to do it? Is your mind racing with anticipation? Okay, here's the instructions...(written for those of us who are detail challenged):

1. Scan images you want to print...make a digital .jpg file (photos will work too...YAY!)
2. Cut a 9x12 piece of muslin
3. Cut a piece of freezer paper about the same size
4. Place the muslin on the shiny side of the freezer paper
5. Using the cotton setting on your iron, fuse the fabric to the freezer paper
6. Trim the fused fabric to 8.5 x 11 (be sure there are no ragged edges or ravelings)
7. Using whatever photo or imaging program you like, prepare the image to print.
8. Load the fabric sheet into your inkjet printer (I found it a good idea to be nearby to monitor the printing...if the fabric gets a little stuck or hung up, you can gently guide it until it is entirely printed.)
9. Peel the freezer paper from the back of the fabric (I've found making a small tear on the edge of the paper helps you get a hold of it to pull and peel)

Voila! A beautiful printed piece of fabric ready to sew on whatever other fabric project you wish! I have visions of pillows and sweatshirts and tote bags and...oh yes! Art quilts of COURSE!

Comment or email me if you have any trouble, or if you create something incredible you want to share with the blogging world...I will be working on a (what else?!) Valentines Day Mini Quilt. I'll share pics as soon as I get it finished! I am SO EXCITED! {she said fabric, thread and pins a-flying}

More soon!


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OOOH the fabrics are DIVINE!!!!!!!