Monday, January 28


Greetings yet again! (I am making multiple posts today so be sure to go back and read each one!)

I wanted to share with you a project I've completed...the brainchild of the FABulous
Wilna Furstenburg of Creating Keepsakes fame. As you may recall, during the Christmas holiday she made a wonderful little goodie for one of her friends. She lovingly referred to the project as "Coffee Jingles." Anyhoo, now this amazing woman is teaching a Valentine Class Online. Being the "sucker" I am for such things, I signed up immediately (not realizing this project was going to be one of the darling little projects!) Soon thereafter, she posted a happy little "store" on her blog offering this kit for purchase, (sold out!) complete with instructional page and Starbucks coffee cup!

Needless to say mine look nothing like hers...I can NEVER leave well enough alone but ALWAYS have to tweak and embellish TO DEATH everything I create. As always, if you want instructions, go to Wilna's blog and/or comment or email...and now, without further adieu:

Behold "Coffee Lovies" MY version of said project:

Aren't they FUN? I am giving them to a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) with coupons on the back of each for various (uh-hum) services. WINK WINK

By the way, check out the slideshow at the top of the photos and projects! Blessings!

More soon!



Cat said...

YOur coffee project is GREAT!!! I love it.

debbiejean63 said...

Paula these are just AWESOME

Hetty said...

I love your coffee project!