Monday, November 19


This thanksgiving season I have determined to set aside time to be order to help me stay focused (riiiiiiiiiiiiight) I have rejoiced in things that begin with the letters from the word THANKS.

Today I am on the letter "N" First of all, I am grateful for "NIECES" (See my last post). My sisters seem able to only have girls, and, apparently, *I* am the male supplier in the fam. Ergo, I have many nieces. And I love them all...they are all talented, beautiful, and zany. (Ironically, they refer to me as their "CRAZY Aunt" said with much love and affection of course!)

The preceding two posts were about Christmas Advent Books I have created for 2 of the little darlings (they'd KILL ME if they knew I called them that!)

Anyhoo, I am SO READY for the (as Dr. Seuss would say) "Roast Beast" and Thanksgiving Day parades and cranberry relish and...the-wee-hours-of-the-morning shopping with nieces (and THIS YEAR daughter in law to be) on Black Friday. HA! She will be initiated into our family by this rare yet meaningful tribal ritual. She has NO IDEA the fate that awaits her! The tradition is to do this shopping in "waves"...the sister and two nieces typically join me (after blintzes at IHOP) for the 2nd wave. Bedlam, mayhem and merriment will be had by all (and of course the time honored tradition of humiliating ourselves with self deprecating stories and wild tales of yesteryears shenanigans)!

More as plans (plots and shenanigans) develop!

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