Monday, October 15

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Okay, so here's the deal...this book is FULL of beautiful things that I just know YOU, dear reader...will just LOVE! Ergo, you MUST run (do not walk) to fetch this book at your local bookstore. If inspiration is what you want...THIS book has it! If photo and writing is what you look for in a blog (by the way, DO saunter and/or sachet over to the BLOG-O-RAMA Poll)----->
this is the book for you! (Sheesh, you'd think I was a featured author or something) I guess you can tell by now that I get OH SO EXCITED when I find anything (or anyONE) who provides me with inspiration! I've read it's a personality quirk of mine...ENORMOUS ENTHUSIASM.

(An aside: Do you know I've been offered EVERY job I've ever applied for (even the ones I didn't really want) because of this very thing...employers seem to like an ENTHUSIASTIC someone on their payroll...go fig!)

Annnnnnnnnnyhoo, more MAHVELOUS eye candy from Artful Blogging:

This blog is from the incredible Judy Wise...I just LOVE her busy, too-full pages...and the mix of photos with the writing...well, I think it's just FAB. Behold:

One of the things Judy does that I find SO utterly fascinating, is spray painting and stencil JOURNALS. Isn't it the coolest?

And then there Steph Mcatee's Vision/Family/Art.

And check out this yummy "trinket" created for Halloween. Can't you just see it holding your place inside a journal ?

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