Saturday, December 10


Greetings, dear readers!

I am so excited to share with you the ornaments received in Cindy's Ornament swap! Pics in a moment...but first: this, just in!

Isn't it gorgeous? Dear friends Heleen and Cory (aka Dutch Sisters) hand crocheted this Christmas card! It's a Hallmark from the Netherlands...and it's WONDERFULLY red and aqua! Oh how I love it! I will treasure it always...especially since I can't crochet a stitch! They even shared a "how to do it" tutorial on their blog! Thank you SO MUCH dear ladies! It's wonderful and will be a feature on my entry wall each Christmas! 


And now...ON TO THE ORNAMENTS! Each ornament was packaged so beautifully and then carefully and festively (YAY Cindy!) boxed and shipped to us:

There were such a talented group of ladies involved in the swap this year...I was so fortunate to be in a group with: 

Patty  of  Sweet Cottage Dreams Designs:

Jane Palmer of  Aralia Jane:

 Janelle from Sweet Bee Cottage:

Debby from A Cozy Blanket:
And of course my own little camper Mary Lou:

Cindy, our hostess, from Rick Rack N Gingham:

 It was really a lot of fun! And now I await the sweet tags from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing! More soon!

Candy Cane Kisses,
Paula Clare


GardenofDaisies said...

Paula, these are ALL so very very cute!! I really do love the crocheted edge on that card!!

Debby said...

This was such a fun swap. Thank you for your sweet little camper.
Love that card with the edging.

Sandy said...

Merry Christmas my friend!!!!! How cute these all are! I just got my tree decorated today and a tenth of my Christmas is out....and that is that! I am such a hoarder!!!!! LOL

Love that card from the Dutch Sisters!!!! You lucky duck! :)

dutch sisters said...

You're so welcome Paula. I love those ornaments you're showing cute!
Groetjes, Corry