Monday, November 7


Greetings, dear reader! And here I am again...BEHIND once more on the daily photo challenge! Honestly this daily thing is really a tough discipline to keep up with, don't you agree?

Nevertheless, my #5 photo challenge is "Morning Sky". As many of you know, if I DO see morning it is often the wee, early morning hours, long BEFORE sunrise. (either insomnia or a sudden burst of creativity...but regardless, I rarely wake up in time to see the sunrise). Therefore, taking my artistic liberty, my photo will instead be of a recent sunset..(taken while driving on a little two lane highway in rural Illinois)

Photo #6: BOOKS: (Journals)I obsessively collect them. Some are written in...some are not. I just love leather's an illness I realize.

On my "must-get-for-Christmas" list is this book:

My "encouragement" for family members to purchase a "pawtographed" copy for me was this photo:

Which I captioned, "EVERYONE is reading it!"(Can't take credit for this was posted on the Following Attiucs Facebook Page..)

More soon!
Paula Clare


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