Wednesday, February 16

Greetings,dear reader!

My dear friend Sandy over at 521 Lake Street is hosting an Easter tag simply MUST go check out the adorable images and get details! 

Also, my dear friend (yes, I have LOTS of DEAR friends!) Julie over at A Vintage Chic is hosting a wonderful Domestic Goddess giveaway! Again, go! Go get details!

Isn't this card DREEEEEAMY?! It would be oh so perfectly perfect in my red and aqua kitchen...although the winged Domestic Goddess and I seem to have VERY different results when it comes to cooking! (Proof in the proverbial pudding here)
However I just LOVE Crafty Secrets Domestic Goddess stamp and sticker line:

 Another of Julie's creations...isn't it the most wonderful thing EVER? I just LOVE the color and the dimension she is able to give her pieces...such a talent!

Anyway, in the spirit of domestic bliss, I give you a Dolly Dingle paper doll surprise! This is for you, Julie!

Just double click on image and save to print out your own darling Dolly Dingle paperdoll! 
More soon!
Paula Clare


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for the Valentine, it's adorable. I think you're really gonna' like what's coming your way, too. Is it possible to have too much Dolly Dingle? I think not.

Love ya'

My Vintage Mending said...

Miss Paula, loved the cowboy Valentine. He is surely going to find a sweet home in my studio amongst friend. Just a sweet as can be. Thank you so much for your generous artistic spirit and kindness. I am looking forward to the Easter swap with the sweet Miss Sandy...Smiles Renee

very merry vintage style said...

Love those two little cards. I'm working up the courage to join the swap--it would be my first! You're invited to come over & link this post up I have a new link party starting today! Mary

Sandy said...

Thank you for the plug....:) Are you going to join????? I sure hope so!
Julie amazes me, every time I see one of her posts! I wish she lived closer! I would love to take a class on that Domestic Goddess piece! Too much fun!!!! I love Crafty Secrects stuff....I just never get around to using it! LOL Sandy

Nan said...

Thanks for the Dolly Dingle. Now I need to buy more printer ink another 75 dollars!! What a racket that ink is.

Marjory Steele Skousen said...

Paula, You have the cutest blog I've ever seen. I love the things you have created. I'm now going to be following you. Hope you'll come by and see me too.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula, LOVE your new blog look and banner! There truly are so many sides to you Paula, and each of your banners lets us glimpse one more side. Wonderful! So neat about your Monk Blog. I wish you great success with it. Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

Melinda Cornish said...

You know Paula, I have visited before and I think I have seen your trailer! funny huh? I am glad to find you again.....