Wednesday, February 23


Greetings, dear reader! I am writing although I am currently down with a plague of some sort...compliments o' the hubs...a little anniversary gift that keeps on giving...fever, bronchitis, pneumonia...and my back is out. Again. So...all in all, life is  shaping up to be quite miserable at this moment...however, while flat on my back, I have the ability to peruse the internet for things I may never have time to otherwise find: 

Behold the fabulous cowboy/cowgirl goods! This lovely Texas candle...


And I just love the idea of your own soda bottle labels!

And these cute jars of cowboy cookie mix!

And these happy western paper goods from Etsy shoppes! Just love the banner...why is cowboys and red and aqua seem to go so well together? 

And this little slice o heaven cowgirl luxury...if I had to have a fainting sofa, this is the one for me!

I love ALL of her goods! More when I'm able!

Hugs to ya'll!
Paula Clare


Sandy said...

Paula, sounds like everyone is stuggling with something right now....I hope you get your health back soon! I just love all of the western items, but the cupcake and banner are my favorites! How do you like the new computer????? I hope you can get PSE 9 ( Ithink that is the latest one) , I am hoping when Wayne finds work to get it myself and get current! I think of you often girlfriend...have I missed an email about the swap or have you decided to for go this one????? Keep your spirits up! Your fellow cowgirl, Sandy

E said...

Hi Paula,
Hope you get to feeling better soon, I had it for wks, it's nooo fun! Upside is all the "research" time your getting in :) Love the banner, those etsy graphic designer chicks sure have some fun stuff! I follow Kim at TomKat Studio she posted(7-23-10)a cowgirl bday party from one of her customers ... oh its stinkn precious - pink boots, little stick horses all lined up !! E in TN

A Vintage Chic said...

What fabulous cowboy gear, Paula--love it all! That banner is gorgeous...and if you've got a swoon coming on, I can't imagine a better place to land than that amazing sofa!

Hope you're feeling better soon, my friend!


Nan said...

Well Paula Clare I bet you put your back out coughing, been there done that NOT fun.
I love all your neat cowboy finds especially the banner and this fainting sofa which you could use right now girl.

Christy said...

hello paula! hope you feel better soon. take care, ok?

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Yuck Paula...hope you feel better soon. whatever the creeping crud is this year- it sure has lingered on and on.
It must be miserable coughing and having your back hurt.