Saturday, January 1


Elaine! Please send me your snail mail addy so I can get your prizes in the mail right away! Here's what you've won!

A tiny gnome and a tiny gnome book!

A classic Gnome Tome!

A new book of Sukie Iron Ons...SO adorable!
Congrats! And thanks for hanging with us all night to craft into the new year! 
Your Pooped Hostess,
paula clare


Sharon said...

You guys did it! Not me, I slept in and rang in the New Year at 7:30this morning with a cup of coffee. I will get busy at making my cowboy tags tonight. Paula, thanks for being such a great hostess with the mostest even though I missed most it!

Nan said...

Congrats to Elaine. The party was fun Paula Clare thanks for hosting it. The dogs woke us at 9 am both in bed between us and they are NOT small dogs but our bed is. Happy New Year. Nan

Elaine said...

Are you kidding me !! THANK YOU! I love it! I loved the craft along, what a great idea. Count me in for spring "I hear the road calling" and posted my canned ham on flickr
Happy New Year everyone, E in TN

Creative Breathing said...

Happy New Year! Paula, your party was truly an event in my house! My husband kept checking in on me and asking if I was having fun. YES! What fun! I can't believe how many things I made in my marathon of crafting. Thank you for making it possible to talk with friends I wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to do so. Such a special person you are Paula! E