Tuesday, October 26


Greetings, dear reader!

As you have probably heard, my daughter in love, Leah has opened a from-home-bakery, Creme Hurray! I decided to sample her wares for this most auspicious holiday...behold the goodies:

Haunted Owl MoonPie Pops, Zombie Cookies, Giant Candy Corn Cookies, and Boo Pops! Aren't they all just FAB?!?!

Our church sponsored a cake walk at a local festival, and these goodies were the most coveted at the festival! The kids were "ga-ga" over them, and the adults thought I was the most creative in the kitchen! Of course I confessed to EVERYONE that these were NOT my concoctions but those of my dear daughter who "found herself" in the kitchen!

Go to her website and check out the menu...cookies and pops can be shipped so you can get in your orders for Christmas now!

Tell her Paula Clare sent you!


barncat said...

Oh how fun! I bet the kids did love them! I especially love those owls, too cute!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Paula! Every single cookie is to die for! Don't you just love those owls! I wish all success to your daughter-in-love! Eliz PS I sent an envelope your way the other day.

Sandy said...

OMG!!!! I am on the HCG diet and I CANNOT have sugar! But I am headed over to your DIL's site right now! I don't think looking at cookies counts! LOL

NanE said...

Oh good heavens, what a spread! Sorry, for the drool on your page, I couldn't help myself :)! It would be hard for me to choose, I love sugar cookies but then again, I AM a chocoholic! I will definitely stop by her site. Hugs, Nan

Paula Clare said...

Hi Girlfriends!
thanks for all the sweet comments on my daughter's baked goods...they are truly works of art!

E, I got your package! Thank you for the Halloween paper goods...I can always use them (and WILL use them!)

Sandy, I just mailed your trick or treat book to you today...hope it arrives in good shape!

Hugs to all, and to all a good...sugar coma! LOL

Levonne said...

Yummy. I see a cookie show in the future.