Monday, October 4


Greetings, dear reader! The decorating madness is the welcome mat at my front door! Isn't it sweet?

And ravens have overtaken the magic cottage! Behold:

The dancing skellies and their cool box, once again from the Halloween archives of The Toymaker.

Painted an old faded green Christmas basket black so it resembles a witch's cauldron...and see the candy corn? They will soon become like these from Red Lead!

And one of my favorite creations, inspired by the movie "Phantom of the Opera": My masquerade plaque, sitting on a shelf next to a flickering little-girl-circled candle. The little girl holding a candy corn votive is a cute paper box from Bethany Lowe.

And I MUST show you my most recent, FAVORITE Halloween purchase!

From the imagination of Meri Wiley! Isn't he just hilarious? I love his bucky fangs and his dangling spider (no doubt "playing with his food!") Meri has some other fab little sculptures in her Etsy shoppe...check her out!

I'll be back in a day or two with an AMAZING little altered album (or two!)

Paula Clare


Anonymous said...


I was looking at your blog and I like it. I want to invite you to become my blog friend, and if you follow me, I will follow you...

What do you think?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula, I'm just posting a link to your Waterfall album. Now everyone will get two for one! Can't wait to see! Paula, I am now on a mission to save up a box full of things I think can go into an album and then drive all the way to your craft room, sit right next to you and have YOU tell me how to make them like you do. This is my crafting goal for the upcoming year! I just love them! E

Nan said...

What a lot of great Halloween things you have out there. I'm glad to see you have Meri's funny bat.

vivian said...

Hi Paula, just stopping by to say hi and enjoying the peeks at all your halloween decorations. Love those dancing skellys and Meris wonderful bat! I s'pose I should start posting some pics from my haunted house!
have a great week

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Paula Clare~
I left a message this morning on your waterfall post but it seems to have magic I would guess. You did a wonderful job on that book and all of your other decorations are over the top!!
Meri's creations are so amazing..I'm glad you got this one-it is funny!
I'm looking forward to getting our completed banner from Elizabeth this week. This was one of the most fun projects we've done. Wonder what we'll do for Christmas??
Have a blessed week~

Suz said...

Love it! I am in the process of cones and your candy cane painting is ADORABLE!!!