Tuesday, August 10


Greetings, dear readers!

I am so excited that the subject of the Wild West is intriguing to so many of you! I just LOVE the thought of my being a cowgirl...I'm NOT by ANY stretch of the imagination an AUTHENTIC cowgirl...in that:

1. I do not own a horse...or a cow for that matter.

2. I do not live in the west, but truly TRULY wish I did.

3. I probably envision myself a somewhat romanticized version of the "cowgirl", not possessing even a little of the "true grit" required of women like Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.

The truth of their lives was hardship, effort, and trying to make a place for themselves in what was clearly a male dominated world. As you can see, the stylish, attractive cowgirl icons we see today are a far cry from the look of these true pioneer women. Made of admirable stuff...maybe THAT's the part of the "cowgirl" I hope emulate...if even in a small part of my art. :-)

Here are the fabulous "pieces" I have acquired for the Wild West Album:

I also have lots of bandannas, denim, photos, and other bits and bobs I'll add to the album. I'm considering the size...so that I can accommodate your tags, regardless of what size they are, I want to make the album a standard-ish size. Maybe 8x8 or 8.5 x 11? Lots of coffee staining, tags, ripped fabric and brown ink. I'll show you the album as it progresses...meanwhile, how are your tags coming?

Only 5 days to sign up!

Hugs, pardners!
Paula Clare


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

Looks like you have everything under control there at the ranch. I also want to issue a standing invitation to come out here to the true west (Arizona), whenever you get a chance and experience it all firsthand. I'm sure Sandy will want to host you for a time as well, and my gosh if you wanna' shop......she's the one.

Love ya'

Nan said...

Oh this will be great Paula. Now you can always move to the West as it was my dream to move to Alaska and I did it one month before my 60th birthday !

Cindy said...

Well I am a part of the West..horses cows..boots..trailers..hay..but I still would want to go to a real ranch..where there are thousands..and thousands of acres..I would want to be sooo young again..to mount my horse..and to ride..to fly with the wind..to feel the power beneath me..to hear the thud of her hooves hitting the dirt..to lean into the ride..and just let go..just fly....yes I did this alot when I was young..and free..and such a dare devil..I miss it to my core!!!!!!I hate growing old...I want to feel alive again..on my horse!!!!


and yes I am crying!!

NanE said...

Paula, this is going to be so cool, I always wanted to be a Cowgirl! Have you seen the latest issue of Country Living? They have a whole spread on horsey collectibles. I'm so excited to be participating in my first swap and I have a couple of questions for you but I'm having trouble emailing you from the link on your sidebar. Could you please email me at ne4designs@aol.com and that way I can reply. TY, Nan