Tuesday, August 10


Greetings, dear reader!

I am so grateful for the camaraderie found here among we "starving artists"! I feel I have found kindred spirits, like-minded artists, and folks who truly, for the most part, "get me." I know you may think this "blog world" is virtual and therefore I cannot possibly know WHO I am dealing with and WHAT they really think/believe. WELL, there is an unspoken "honesty" about blogging, that is not only a "built in" part of the blogdom "rules", but I find it truly hard to believe that people can "fake" their true selves when creating art. It's a form of expression that is SOULFUL and comes from some place deep inside...it bypasses outer appearances and things on the periphery...and gets to the HEART of the creator.

I think this is the "soulful" connection most bloggers feel when they run across others who are similar in their form of art. Here are just a few blog links to the gals who have, through this virtual world, become dear friends and comrades in arms:

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing
Christine of Tin Can Cottage
Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham
Meri of Imagimeri's Creations
Sandy of 521 Lake Street
Julie of A Vintage Chic
Regiane of Art by Regiane
Ngaire of Blog Me Baby
Joy of Scrap for Joy
Lisa (Barncat) of Always Home
Michle of Michala Farms
Nan of Retired in Alaska
Debbie of Creations by Debbie

And these are only a few...I could go on and on! Isn't it amazing? Women from around the world and I feel like we could all go get a Coke together and have unending conversations. The common thread of creativity wraps around the world!

Speaking of "soul sisters" I have the HUGE privilege of having my BFF from CHILDHOOD coming to visit me next week! Faith and I have been friends since 3 or 4th grade...and she FOUND ME via my Facebook page. As we have reconnected we have marveled as our lives have taken very similar paths, our husbands are very similar, and she and I even have the same haircut! (That was BEFORE the fiasco haircut pre-vacation. It is SO short...eek!)

Anyway, Faith and I will be sharing several days together and will be creating, talking, laughing, and catching up on childhood past and lives that have gotten away from both of us. I'll keep you posted!

Paula Clare


Home and Heart said...

Blog friends are wonderful!! I think it is amazing and quite wonderful you will be seeing your childhood friend! Have fun!

Cindy said...

Now Paula..I would prefer a RC cola to drink..and would love to meet anytime with you for a visit.

On the hair issue...I prefer short hair..you have to admit it is cooler..lolAnd the great thing about hair..it grows back!!

I too love the creativity of others..I don't like copy-catting..I try to encourage everyone to do their own thing..I so cherish each and every handmade gift I recieve from the ladies. I think we give a piece of ourselves when we handcraft!!

Thank you for hosting unique swaps.
For challenging us to be a bit more creative!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Faith Lynn said...

YAYYYNESSS! We are going to have soooooo much fun, I will guarantee my cheeks are going to hurt from smiling all day!

Can't wait, BFF!

love ya,
Faith Lynn

Michle said...

I am so honored to be considered one of your friends and comrades in arms. I have never been happier since I discovered you wonderful, creative ladies in blogland.
Have a great time with your bff and drink one for me.


Scrap for Joy said...

Blogland friends are the most loving, supportive women I've come across! I am honored to have a kinship with you Paula Clare and always love to stop in and see what you're working on....does your brain ever rest???? I think that it's great that you are reconnecting with your school friend...you will have a blast I'm sure!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, One day we must meet in the middle for that Coke! I hope you enjoy your visit with your childhood friend. (She COULD be your twin!!) Your bits and bobs collected for your album are just wonderful, can't wait! Have a great weekend! E

barncat said...

It would be a Pepsi for me. ;)

Thanks for thinking of me as a friend, and have fun with your childhood BFF!

A Vintage Chic said...

Just saw this, Paula--made me so happy to see my name on your list. I feel the same way about our blog friends--what a wonderful bunch of women!

Hope you had a fabulous time with your dear friend!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately...summer's been crazy at our house!

Things are slowing down a bit, except my college girl is home with me for two weeks now--so much fun!

Talk to you soon...