Monday, August 23


Greetings, dear readers!

Today's Pony Express brought two more tags to add to our fun! From first time swapper, Allison Westrup!

Ever'body grab yer gee-tars cause Allison's leadin us in a little song:

The little guitar image just pops out! Can't you jist hear our ol' pal Roy Rogers or Gene Autry croonin' this tune?

Accordin' to my cipherin...we have 10 folks who have turned in their tags. That means we have about that many more still to come! Isn't this as excitin' as a rooster in the hen house?

...until we meet again...
Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Howdee Padna! I am on cuteness overload here at the corral! Your last posts with Wild West tags are to die for wonderful! I think this needs to be a yearly event so we may all end up with a fabulous tag book. OH MY GOSH you "E" panel is what I just knew in my heart to expect. You amaze me Paula! I just love your images! I had such a hard time finding just one, and was lucky at that! I will post your post your panel and link to your tutorial tomorrow. Thank you so much! Elizabeth

Allison said...

I'm so excited to see my Tag!!! Yee HAw!!!!!

barncat said...

Wow! Such fun tags you're receiving. I'd love to see a picture of them all together, too cute!

Home and Heart said...

I hope we do another one!! A great idea Paula!

NanE said...

Hi Paula! All the tags look so great! I'm still working on mine, in fact, I posted about it on my blog today if you want to take a peek!
Have a great week, Nan

Tracy Suzanne said...

Allison's card is just as cute as can be! What a darn cute tag.

My should be on it's way soon.

Hugs...Tracy :)