Tuesday, July 27


Howdy pardners!

Just a message comin' to you via Pony Express....

Our Wild West Tag Swap is now open to International Tag Makers! Cat of Catalina's Cottage in New Zealand has requested to join and I am personally THRILLED to have her be a part of our little swap! I am willing to mail internationally...what I need to know is this: Are those of you who have signed up willing to mail out of the country? If not, please just email me and I'll make sure your swap partners are from the good ol' US of A. Otherwise, I think I might like to know what the "Wild West" looks like to someone in another part of the world! WOOHOO!

I'll be back tomorrow with a wonderful little contest! Meanwhile, I'll be roundin' up some treasures for the contest!

Happy Trails, girlfriends!


NanE said...

How exciting a new international buddy! Thank you for sharing such vintage cuteness today too! Hugs, Nan

Becca said...

Cowboy things are my new favorite. I will be blessed with my first grandson in Oct. and I've been lovin' all the western stuff. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures. Makes me want to make something very "little boy"