Sunday, July 4


Greetings, campers!

Yes, it's true, Elizabeth has already graced us with her wonderful vintage caravans...

Dreamy, are they not? THEN, rolling into the campground late last night, THIS little beauty:

It's just such a wonderfully, thoughtful gift...and so completely perfect with my Camporee tea towel from Linda Ruthie...and my red spotted bird pull toy and my beautiful jar from Sandy and my darling gnome Gilbert...and...

Now THIS?! WHO KNEW there were such perks to being a campground host! I am loving my job, cowgirls! BELIEVE ME!

More tomorrow, as Kari's our last camper to come rolling in...I'll let you all know as soon as she arrives...meanwhile, in the illustrious words of "Bob and Ted", "party on, dudes..." lol

Your Completely Overwhelmed with Your Kindness Campground Host,
Paula Clare


Levonne said...

I love your pictures! Such fun stuff! You sound happy today! The Camp Host Housewife

Home and Heart said...

This is darling!! Elizabeth's work is always darling, and just plain "happy."

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Again may I say how much you bring a smile to my day! I love your campground. PS I have a super duper cowboy post coming on Wednesday for you! You will love it! E

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula,

Everything is well deserved, and thank you again for hosting such a cute swap. I can't wait to see all my campers from all the awesome crafters's just too exciting!


vivian said...

what a fun swap! wish I would have joined in the fun. Dontcha just love that sweet little camper from E? she is so full of creative talent.. it must just ooze from her!
happy 4th!

Debbie said...

I have seen all those pretty campers when I was by Paula's the other day..You all out did yourself. I can't wait till her next swap, I have to get in one with you all. She is a great Host I hear!!! Love ya Paula!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Paula. I've had a blast watching your campground festivities. I've never been camping in my life but you certainly make me want to now. E's felt camper is just as precious as can be.

I wanted to thank you for my route 66 postcard. You sure did a lot of work. Giving us a little background was a really special touch. I'm honored to now be in the possession of a Paula Clair creation!

Hugs...Tracy :)

P.S. I hope you can stop by and enter my blogiversary giveaways. One's up now. I really should have learned how to make a button before I started. hee-hee.