Tuesday, July 20


Greetings, dear campers!

My family has come and gone (boo) and I am free to once again attend the campground. I am embarassed to say that I have misplaced the campground roster and need you all to email me with your snail mail addys again...Yes, just call me the "Absent Minded Campground Host". I have some of your addresses, but if you will ALL email, I can put the addresses in a file for future reference, hopefully never to bother you again with such triviality.

All the tags are in their boxes...however (horror of horrors) the thing a tag hosts fears most of all has befallen me...I ended up with an odd number of campers at the end of the boxing up process. SOoooooooo (Webster our campground mascot was trying to help and in doing so trotted through my neatly organized stacks of campers. ) Perhaps you'll end up with two of a kind...or missing one all together? Just let me know what grievous error I've made and I will be happy to accommodate and fix said error. (blush) I guess there was just too much going on here at the Campground...here was our itinerary while the fam was here:

Thursday: Family arrives. Dinner out.
Friday: Red Lead. The Cupcakery. Missouri Botanical Gardens. Old Spaghetti Factory. Kohls. Barnes and Noble.

Saturday: Holiday World - 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. (a deal was made and NO PICTURES were taken while wearing swim attire! Yikes!)
Sunday: Preach at Grace (me) Speak at Grace (Pam and fam) Video Sermon at Grace (Paul and Leah)
Lunch with family and missions team members.
Sunday evening: Dinner out
Monday morning: Everyone leaves, yours truly collapses. :-)

We got a LOT of living done in 3 short days! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! I so love being with my family!

Thank you for being patient with me...your tags will be winging their way to you by week's end!

Paula Clare

PS I will be back later with excerpts from my 'Brave Love' sermon. (by popular demand. lol)


Creative Breathing said...

Ah Ha! Now we can both share in the foibles of hosting a tag swap! Oh my gosh the mishaps I have had would curl your paper! I seem to always be looking for that certain way to stay organized, but there is always that oops! We love ya anyway! I will e-mail my address to you. PS cute as can be family photos and LOVE your cowboy image! E

Cindy said...

I am laughing with you!! I have counted and sorted so many times..it makes my head spin..lol

But I will do it again..soon.

I keep a active notebook of the swap..I have a spiral book with a page for info..on each gal...and another piece of paper..just in case I loose the other two...that would be a nightmare!! lol

Sending the address.


Kari said...

Sending your my address right now!:) I'm glad you had fun with your family. The very best kind of blessing!! Don't worry about the tags I seriously doubt anyone cares. Its the fun of doing, right? RIGHT!

Stevie said...

Alrighty I just sent my addy to ya. Fabulous photos of the fam, sounds like y'all had a blast! Take care!!!