Monday, July 26


Howdy, Cowpokes!

I hope all of you are enjoying our little wranglin' get together?! I wanted to show you the first Wild West Tags to show up in the stables:

Found these in Elizabeth's Flickr MUST go see what the mind of this creative woman has been up to!

YEEHAW! Have ya'll got your little camper tags yet? Should be arriving to a mailbox near you...even if they went Pony Express!

Started a Flickr group for our Vintage Camper Tag Swap...go upload your campers, campers!

Hugs and Horse Kisses,
paula Clare


Cindy said... packages came today!!I heard this was our rural mailman with 4 packages. He told me happy NOT my birthday!! The camper tags are soooo cute!1 I am trying to figure out how I will display them.

I love my camper key chain!!

The banner I won from awesome. Tomorrow I will try to start playing with see how and what I am going to spell.

I just keep looking at it..and I feel so happy..Thank you!!!!!

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Christine said...

Paula, Got My Tags Today!
A D O R A B L E !!!
Thank You for Having such a FUN Swap! I will be taking them All to the next Trailer Rally I attend in September.


Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula,

Just got my tags yesterday.......thanks, they're awesome. Thank you for all the extra tag goodies on the ring.

Love ya'

Cat B said...

Just wondering if your tag swap is open internationally?

Paula Clare said...

Hi Cat!
YES! Absolutely! I will be glad to send mail internationally! Just two tags so postage shouldn't be much! WOOHOO! JOIN US!