Thursday, July 1


Greetings, dear reader!

Attention campers! This weekend marks the deadline for the Happy Camper Camporee Tags to be here with us at the Happy Camper Campground! Rolling in early tomorrow morning will be ImagiMeri's sparkling red 1955 Shasta...can't wait to see this beauty in the sunlight!

Meanwhile, the community building has been festively decorated for the bluegrass festival that is going on NOW! Just take a peak...

Free watermelon for everyone...and don't forget to pick up a festive pinwheel! As you can see, our Basket-o-Campers runneth over! Still waiting for two more campers...they are on their way and driving through the night to be sure to get here on time!

Meanwhile, the bluegrass festival is quite a hit...

One of my favorite folk singers (not necessarily bluegrass) is Mindy's a pic of Mindy:

And don't forget to stay up late and watch the fireworks with us...

Be back with ya'll bright and early tomorrow morning to welcome in Meri and her flashy canned hams!

Enjoy your evening!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Campground Host,
Paula Clare


Stevie said...

I *love* your table setting! The pinwheels and little baskets are lovely and oh so patriotic!

Home and Heart said...

You set a lovely table, and now I want watermelon!!

Christine said...

Oh, Paula thank you for setting such an Adorable Festive Table for all of us...and Watermelon Too! You Really Went All Out for Us...and I Really think that's Wonderful of You! You put me in the Fourth of July Spirit! :D

Happy Holiday to You Paula!