Thursday, July 22


Greetings, dear friends!

I am just getting our vintage camper tags mailed and I'm already thinking of a new swap! Am I insane? Certifiable? Perhaps...BUT I have discovered many of my blogworld friends have the same LOVE for all things wild west as I do...THEREFORE...

I am hosting a "Wild West Tag Swap". AND, rather than having to make 12, 17, 24 or 1,232 individual tags, we will trade with only ONE OTHER PERSON...and will make a tag for our hostess ring. SO a total of TWO tags! WOOHOO! What a relief! AND it will allow more folks to be involved in the swap! HOORAY!

"What" you may ask "is a Wild West Tag Swap all about?" I'll be back with details, but here's a hint!

Back soon with details!

paula clare


Cindy said...

Girl I am in!! Yee haw..and no you aren't crazy..I just did the same thing!! lol

Looking forward to this!

Cindy Rick-Rack and Gingham

Michle said...

Sounds like fun !!!!

Kari said...

Oh great idea!!! I can go positively crazy on one tag!! I might make a whole western town.:D I'm in!

Sandy said...

I am so in !!!!!!!!!!! Right up my alley! :):)

Michelle said...

Howdy Pardner,

I reck'n I'd luv to join ya all if ya all will have me. HA! This is gonna be fun. Please count me in! I can't wait. Is this the official sign up page? Let me know.



Levonne said...

Hey Pathological Picture Taker. Keep on truckin'!

NanE said...

Yeah, I've been waiting to join a swap, this will be my first ever so count me in too. Guess I better rustle up a pony and get ready for a ride!