Monday, June 21


Greetings, dear readers!

The campground is all abuzz with activity today as we clean and prepare for the next round of campers rolling in to join our tag swap...

Finding parking spaces for everyone has proven to be quite problematic...but we at the Happy Camper Campground will not be daunted!

We'll "circle the wagons" (uh, campers) and be quite cozy if need be...all the better to get to know our neighbors!

AND, speaking of neighbors, one of you lucky gals will be the winner of the vintage tablecloth banner kit...I'm going to get Webster, our campground mascot to do the drawing for me...

(You can see he's thrilled with the prospect...)

And the winner is...

Because he appreciates someone who can "beg" effectively...

Congrats, Cindy! Please send me your snail mail addy so we can get your banner in the mail!

More later!

Paula Clare & Webster


Linda Ruthie said...

Congratulations Cindy!
Paula, make room for me at the campground. They will be mailed out tomorrow.

Cindy said...

Paula did you and Chester hear couldn't hear me screaming..Oh my goodness..I won.I know exactly where in the House on Wheels this is going to husband is cracking up over my re-action.
You don't understand..these vintage cloths are soooo hard to find here...and then when you do..they are so expensive. My mom gave all of ours to my baby sister..I wasn't even asked.This has been a sore spot with me..and I have craved some so bad.To win this..thank you ..thank you.I will treasure this forever!!

Psst..Chester..what doggie treats do you want..thanks for pawing me out of the hat!!

Paula..I will send you a e-mail tonight..Hugs and again Thank you!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Paula Clare said...

SHHHHHHhhhhh, I won't tell Webster you called him by the wrong name...

He was named after the dictionary...maybe that will help you remember?

Looking for your snaily addy!

Paula Clare

Cindy said...

OMGoodness..of course it's Webster!! My Mini Schnauzer when I was 12 was Chester..from Gunsmoke.
I am so sorry..the adrenlain of winning has warped my

Tell Webster..I am so sorry. He looks like my old Chester..he even cocks his head the same..


Anonymous said...

Webster you are such a H.O.O.T.!!!

Love these campers ~ sorry I didn't get in on the FUN~~~~


barncat said...

Congrats to Cindy! And I love that pic of all the little campers in their "campground"!

The TinCan Cottage said...

Congrats Cindy! Webster did a Good Job :D Loving the Campground Updates...will send mine out by the end of this week "D...I'm working really hard....:D Can't wait to see them all hanging out together in my Michigan Campground :D

Smiles, Christine

Sandy said...

Congrats Cindy! I could think of a better winner! ( except maybe me...)LOL I just love how you do these photos....I love our little camp ground. ! I always enjoy coming to visit! :) Sandy