Thursday, June 17


Sandy's 1952 Chesney Caravan!

Note the darling buttons used for both the wheel AND the hubcap! I love it!

And of course the colors are oh-so-Sandy! She also sent this little gal along as a Mascot...

Mama and babies are all huddled under the caravans to escape the midday heat!

And THIS amazing treasure...for no good reason! Just because she's an incredibly generous soul! I LOVE IT! Oh I can't WAIT to see what I put in it!

And Stevies OH SO VERY 50s 1957 Sprite Caravan:

The dreamy pink chiffon curtains kill me...and just look at that slice-o-cake she's using to lure us in!

Each little camper has some stitching on it! Incredible!

Also rolling in to the campground is this little fellow...

A little red bird on wheels! How adorable is that?!?

And only one of these little jewels rolled in today...and NOBODY is getting their "mitts" on it! It's camping in the spot right next to your (usually) Friendly Campground Host...(for safe keeping lol)

Barncat Lisa's incredible Serro Scotty camper:

Complete with lights and ready to PAR-TAY!

So far the happy caravan of vintage campers is shaping up to look like this! (My camper is the prototype so do not judge me for it's sloppy door and's been through a LOT! Trust me!)

Still awaiting Meri, Cindy, Linda Ruthie, Kari and Christine. We'll keep the light on for you!

More soon!
Paula clare


A Vintage Chic said...

What a wonderful collection of campers, Paula! What a lot of fun you're having!


Kari said...

I just finished mine! I wondered if I ever would with work and moving...But my campers are rolling in soon!:)

Kari said...

PS I really really enjoyed doing these campers. No stress just fun, thank you so much!!

Meri Wiley said...

Hey Paula,

Mines coming.......really! I'm using a material thats a little unconventional, so it's taking a little longer, but you'll have it in time.


Cindy said...

Mine will be pulling out of the "Wild West Rv Center" in south Texas and headed your way..Saturday morning. Destination time of checking in?
Don't quite know might do some sight seeing along the way.Should arrive next week sometime. We will need full hook-ups please. And we are traveling with a little dog....

Cindy the camper owner of Rick-Rack and Gingham

Linda Ruthie said...

I'm just putting the finishing touches on mine. They should be in the mail to you next week. I'm so excited to see all of these. I can't believe I'll have a set of my very own.

Stevie said...

eeeks! I am SO very excited for the day they all arrive in my mailbox!

THANK YOU for hosting such a creative, fun swap! xo

Stevie said...

Oh yes, did I include shipping $$$ ? I have the ribbons ready to ship out to you...

Michelle said...

Don't forget mine Paula! Mine are almost done.


The TinCan Cottage said...

HI, Paula....what was that deadline again July right?"D....don't mean to be the last gal...but it always seems to turn out that way....:D I swear they'll be worth it! Thanx for letting me in on All the Fun!
Can't wait to see them All Together! Yeah, for Tag Swaps! :D

(my word verification was " undiest "...I guess being last tag in could be called the "undiest" then ...tee hee...:D)