Tuesday, June 15


Greetings again, dear readers!

In honor of Elizabeth's Rodeo Days, I am posting this picture of a dear little cowgirl created by Elizabeth herself!

She created little Jesse and her faithful steed with patterns from Jenny B at Allsorts. The magic these women can do with felt just boggles my mind! Look at E's Rodeo Creations:

The little outfits just KILL me!

I also got this little wooden cowboy and girl...I'm thinking of making a brooch out of them:

And a children's playing card:

And a cowboy/cowgirl greeting card!

And two of my favorite art creations from the late, great Paper Cowgirl Tina Wright:

Do YOU have any cowboy or cowgirl images to share? Hmmmm?

Paula Clare


A Vintage Chic said...

Love all your Rodeo cuties, Paula! We're celebrating the 100th year of the Salinas Rodeo this year--very exciting!

Could I use the cute boy and girl birthday card image sometime in one of my cards? I love it!

Hope you're having a wonderful night!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Julie!
Yes, feel free to use the image...that's why I posted it! Steal it! Steal them all with my blessing! Oh! And be sure to share with us your cards! Hugs!

vivian said...

such sweet stuff sister clair! makes me want some rodeo going on in my life too!!
have a great day!