Wednesday, June 23


Greetings, dear readers!

As you all know, the Happy Camper Campground is filling fast and furious. Today our food vendors showed up with their adorable vintage campers. Cindy of Rick Rack n Gingham led the entourage...

Cindy writes of her childhood experience:

As you can see, I've declared myself "Quality Control" and am now in the throes of sampling the snow cones and caramel apples. Tickets to the campground music festival events can be purchased here too...oh the fun we're going to have!

More soon!
Your "sugar overloaded" Campground Host,
Paula Clare


Sandy said...

I will take a candy apple caramel, the hard red stuff! Too cute! Cindy is so wonderful!!!!!! :)

Cindy said...

The lady running this snowcone camper..use to shave the ice by hand..I will always remember that sound!!Then when I was in my teens..she had an electric shaver..the service was much faster.
There use to be another RV set up next to this one..he sold hot dogs at the mom would never let us get one..she said his trailer didn't look clean.
I caught myself saying the same thing to my children ..years voice..coming out of my
Never say Never!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Home and Heart said...

OOOOO! You have the red and aqua happy blogs I LOVE!! SO I am now a happy follower! Thank you to for the giggle on my blog!!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, How absolutely wonderful Cindy's tags are! What an original idea to make them the food campers we all love. I can't wait for these! Such fun! E