Thursday, May 13


Greetings, dear reader!

The Happy Camper Tag Swap is now CLOSED! Here are our participants and basic instructions (guidelines if you will) to go by! I'm SO excited!

(I'm leaving Cindy of Ric Rac and Gingham on the list...hoping she'll be able to participate.)

1. Christine of The Tin Can Cottage
2.  Linda Ruthie of Linda Ruthie's Aprons
3.  Sandy of 521 Lake Street
4.  Meri of ImagiMeri's
5.  Paula Clare of  Paula's Palace of AltAred Art
6.  Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham
7.  Elizabeth of Creative Breathing
8.  Stevie of My Art Canvas
9.  Kari Spriggs.
10.Michle of Old Machala Farm
11.Samantha Miranda
12. Michelle

Added one more to make an even dozen! Okay, here are the details:

1. Create your favorite vintage can be a little "canned ham" like mine:

A vintage airstream:

A gorgeous vintage caravan:

or a vintage VW van/camper:

Whatever kind of camper you'd like to create!

Here are the suggested parameters for each tag:

1. You will create 1 tag for each member of the swap...I will limit the number at 20 participants, so you will make no more than 20 tags. (It's not as daunting a task as you might think! Once you get the "system" worked out, you can easily switch over to "mass production"! It's FUN!) 

2. Make your tag in the shape of whatever camper you are commemorating!

 3. Make each tag no larger than 4x6. 

4. Make sturdy tags by using the "sandwich" method of creating...cardstock, chipboard, cardstock. 

5. Punch a hole somewhere in the tag, include a ribbon!

6. Please be sure to include your name or the name of your blog on the tag.

7. Also include the kind of camper you're creating: example: 1957 Caravan, 1963 Airstream, etc.

8. Please mail to me by July 4...THE most traveled (camped) holiday of the year!

9. If you can, please include $3.00 for shipping. 

I will gather all of the tags and send them back to you on a sturdy ring, which will include a dated "Happy Camper" tag from me!

I am taking all of my tag and crafting supplies with me to the Chalet on Lake Michigan! I can think of no better place to put together my "Wish You Were Here" tags for Elizabeth's swap and the campers for my happy camper swap!

Visions of retro/vintage campers dance in my head...

More soon!
Paula Clare


Cindy said...

I'm in!!!!!!!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Sandy said...

I will have to look mine up again....Cindy...glad you are back in!!!!!! :)

Samantha said...

Can't wait to get started...I've been playing, but now I need to make a final decision. :) Thanks for updating us!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

I'm pretty excited about this swap. You and Elizabeth sure do come up with the cutest ideas! Can each of the tags be a different camper?


Linda Ruthie said...

Yeah Cindy!!
Could someone help me out? I tried for nearly an hour last night to post Paula's cute button on my sidebar. I was able to post the picture, but I want it to link back to Paula's site.
I hope to post a sneak peek on my blog later today.

Stevie said...

I am so very excited! I made a sketch for my caravan tag. Right now I'm finishing up the backs of the summer postcards. Take care.


Home and Heart said...

Oh BUMMER!! This looks like DELIGHTFUL fun!! I am sorry to have missed it. I hope you have another!!!

Cindy said...

Help! I am going to make tags..yet I can't for the life of me..trasfer the camping tag to my site..or your blog badge..what am I doing wrong..please!! lol

Oh yeah you mentioned the sandwich affect..that I understand..where do I find the chipboard?

Thank you..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

barncat said...

Hi Paula, I didn't have the nerve to join your swap, but I made my own little camper tag today, pop on over if you'd like to see. Thanks for the inspiration!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, HANG IN THERE, I realize with the 8 tags I have mailed, and the 1 I have, I only have to make 3 more! Thank you for hosting this wonderful swap! I can't wait to see them all. E

Jacqueline said...

Oh darn, it looks like I'm a few days late and few canned hams short to join the fun. I'll be watching though!
Happy May my friend. Love your blog, as always! Jacqueline

Sandy said...

Hey are you OK????? It has been a whole week since we have heard from you! :)