Thursday, May 13


Greetings, dear readers!

I am thrilled today to post a few "sneak peeks" of the kitchen...still deciding about paint or wallpaper, and what fabric valances will work with either/both...but...

I am so excited to have my retro blinds in the windows! It brightens up the whole space! YAY! I also had to hang my cookie jar prints and my new welcome rack made of recycled tin cans! I need to find a groovy retro light switch plate too...

I am not done with the wall where the dutch boy and girl pictures hang...I may hang several of my favorite tags there from the vintage kitchen appliance tag swap...I just HAD to display the little vintage string keep...I am hoping to get red/white twine from Martha Stewart to use eventually, but for now, he is wrapped with "the real deal!"

More soon! Hugs,
Paula Clare


Kari said...

Wow! It looks completely Different! You have done a fantastic job it looks so bright and cheery. WTG Paula!

Nan said...

You are really good Paula this is looking fantastic!

barncat said...

Nothing I love more than a retro kitchen, and your's is looking fabulous! Your table, a little jukebox, that welcome sign, it's all great!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

It's looking fantastic.......sooooo retro! I can tell you're having just a wee bit of fun doing it, too!


Faith Lynn said...

Oh Paula!! How wonderful your kitchen looks! I especially sucked in an "oh my gosh, that's SO cute!", when I saw the welcome sign!

Just awesome!
Toodles and oodles of love,
Faith Lynn

She'sSewPretty said...

It looks so cute Paula! I am getting all kinds of ideas from you. I have that same cookbook/recipe holder and I've always loved the colors.

Sandy said...

Oh Paula!!!!!! I am so glad they worked out!!!
They are perfect and your kitchen is really transforming....where did you buy the blinds from???? I have 4 windows I have to do....but yours are just I am going to copy you, wait...wasn't this my idea??? LOL
Email me, OK?????

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Paula~
Your kitchen looks so cheery. The blinds were a great idea...whoose-ever it was! I love all of your head vases (I don't know the proper name for them) and the way you've displayed them. Great job!

Linda Ruthie said...

So much eye candy!!! I love your ladies and birds on the window shelves. Great looking blinds, by the way. When I enlarged the picture of the welcome sign and saw what it was made of, well....WOW!! And look at that beautiful tray with the roses. It looks like you're having a ton of vintage fun.

Erin said...

I love it Paula. Those are my colors. Good job. Post more pics.