Thursday, May 27


Greetings dear readers!

Please continue to follow my blog if you haven't already...the "secret" cannot be divulged until I reach at least 150 followers! I am at 70+, but for some reason Google is not adding folks once they follow...SO, do not be dismayed! You WILL become a follower when you click the tab! It's like a bad joke with an annoying punchline...teehee

Meanwhile, I have an adorable image to share with you...just in time for Elizabeth's red, white and blue Western celebration:

How is THIS for adorable! The image is from a vintage Easter card...isn't it precious? The little boy and girl are made of cardstock and are "popped away" from the back of the card...I just LOVE it! For all you sweet, image collectors...I collect cowboys and cowgirls...if you happen to have an image or two you could share, that would be beyond WONDERFUL! I am working on an entire folder FULL of vintage little cowboy and cowgirl images. 

Here's the inside image:

Cute, cute, cute, don't you think?

I am so excited about E's adorable simply MUST go check it out!

 Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I am number 69! I adore that I have a friend who loves vintage cowboy as much as I do. Oh how I wish you could have been with me at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville to see all of the vintage Western costumes. That Porter Wagoner knew how to wear fringe! EAK! PANIC - I notice in my camper photo that I forgot to gold glitter the pink campers! Could you, would you? I am working on my own tag swap today, I'm loosing steam and then on to making a bluebird cowboy! Can't wait! Have a great day my friend, E

Nan said...

Hi Paula Clare I'm already a follower as you know. Just over here on Kodiak Island visiting my daughter. I'm headed home tomorrow however. I love what Elizabeth made for you her work is so perfect it challenges me which is good. Much Love from

Cindy said...

#62 here checking in!! I too collect the western stuff..being an ole barrell racer and all!! I love western!! And Elizabeth's red/blue western did pull at these old heart

Looking forward to your surprise!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Linda Ruthie said...

Looks like I'm #58 (the year I was born!) and I've enjoyed your blog ever since I popped over here from a comment you left on Elizabeth's blog. So I am awarding you with the 'Trendy Blog Award'. Sounds cool, huh? I thought perhaps it may bring you a few new followers. I'm doing what I can to get that secret out of you. Check out my post to see what it's all about.