Tuesday, May 11


Greetings, dear reader!

I have so far the following list of participants:

Linda Ruthie of Linda Ruthie's Aprons
Sandy of 521 Lake Street
Meri of Meri's Imaginations
Paula Clare of  Paula's Palace of AltAred Art
Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham
Elizabeth of Creative Breathing
Stevie of My Art Canvas

I will leave the swap open for a few more days...then we will close the swap and begin the happy camper tag making!

WOOHOO! More soon!

Paula Clare


Cindy said...

Paula this is breaking my heart..I have to pull out of the tag swap..we are on limited funds..and the job my husband thought he had for June has fallen through. I know it really doesn't cost a ton to do..but when you have gone without work for 6 months..we are just now slowly re-cooping..and I can not spend any extra dimes..I am crying as I write this..this I'm sure would of been my favorite...maybe next time...thank you!!

Cindy from a very sad Rick-Rack and Gingham

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula, I'm so glad the group is small; so I will participate. I am going to make the green camper or at least the shape of it! Such fun, thanks for hosting! E