Saturday, April 24


Greetings, dear reader!

Well, I MUST tell you that this has been SOME day! First was the Webbie-at-the-park and tree honorarium thing, THEN I decided to go shopping for my red and aqua retro kitchen. I've been saving my shekels and now have enough to purchase a few things...

One thing I know, THIS IS NOT, I repeat, NOT Ohio when it comes to antique malls and affordable, adorable vintage retro. E, I am so utterly and completely jealous of your "in the middle of it all" location! I digress....

While foraging through said pathetic malls, the sky turned black, the wind began howling, and the sirens started to wail. The worker comes on the loudspeaker: "In case any of you did not notice, there are tornado sirens blaring and a tornado has been sighted in the area...there is really no safe place to go here in the mall except the restrooms, so feel free to make your way there or just stay where you are. Leave or stay, it's up to you." I figured my shots were as good in a building as they would be in my car roaming aimlessly, and so I continued the perusal.

40 minutes later, another announcement, "West County Mall has been hit, as well as the police department...if you live nearby, you may want to seek shelter..." Again, I decide a place with walls had to be more secure than a car, so I remained. 

When I finally left, the sun was shining, but the sky was that eery green know the color I mean?!?! The sky was still black in places, but I decided to go on to my next destination and "ride the storm out." (I always loved that song...again, I digress)

When I drove home, I felt liike a storm, wait, I felt like *I* was being chased by the storm! I just wanted to get home to my dear puppy and be done with it! 

When I DID get home, the house was dark and Webbie was poised in the front doubt wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks was going on! I took him for a much needed walk in a completely dark neighborhood, and then saw lights flickering on at the end of our street! HOORAY! I can get on with the video and the drawing! 

I painstakingly set everything out again, and began to record using my camera...I recorded each item of the giveaway (I've added a few goodies...behold:)

This is an entertainment guide...circa 70s something...very groovy...AND...

See the cool little tin of hip, glittering flowers? all the grooviest colors...

SO, all things were now ready... I just had to get Webbie in front of the video camera, and then...

NOTHING. ZIP. ZILCH. The camera wouldn't video...AND I got THIS from his majesty the birthday boy...

Oh yes. It's attitude. Not only was he NOT going to cooperate, every time I got the camera in my hands, he all but REFUSED to look at me...and when he did...THIS!?!

So I am back to doing the drawing the "hard way"...I wrote each name on a slip of paper (several times for several names, because they followed the "here's how to get additional entries" path) so using my newly purchased red and aqua Hershey's box:

I reached in and grabbed a name:  KARI of DharmaWaits wrote:
"Ha!! I love this!! What a great idea, the kids I work with would fight over all of this but the Patchouli would be MINE!:) If I have to pick and being a hippie at heart this is super tough but right now it would be, Cat Stevens Father and Son. With a my only son at eighteen I want to cry even thinking about that song. Oy, they grow up so fast!"
Congrats, Kari! I'll be contacting you to get your mail info...meanwhile, thanks everybody for your patience and sorry AGAIN for the technological (and Websterlogical) failure!

More soon!
Paula Clare


vivian said...

I'm glad you rode the storms out safely. I would have been freaking out ... totally!
fun giveaway! and congrats to the winner.
hugs and happy week!

Kari said...

Holy Moly!!
You just shocked the heck out of me!! I was reading your blog, chin on hand. Sad about having to work a ten hour shift....and you just made my day...Wow, thank you so much!!!
Kari :)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am a new visitor and what a delicious blog you have. I am having so much fun visiting...m...