Monday, April 19


Greetings, dear readers!

I haven't taken part in layout challenges in awhile, and thought this one looked super fun...I do so love the Amelie character when she is playing tricks on the grocer and is attired in her bandit cape and mask...and so I began thinking, who is MY alter ego? A cowgirl? A hippie? A monk? Wow...I have some thinking (and scrapping!) to do! Here is the challenge from "Inspired by Amelie"

I'll post pictures of my entry as soon as it's completed! Who (or what?!) is YOUR alter ego?


Leah said...

tee hee. You totally have both Clouse feline monikers in your title. Fun.

Patty said...

I totally loved this movie <3

vivian said...

looks like a fun movie. Alter egos huh? I dont have a clue! my kids say that Dory on finding nemo reminds them of me.. but I wouldnt claim her as an alter ego!
love your bloggie ribbon!
have a sweet week