Tuesday, April 20


Greetings, dear reader!

Here I am, back with tales from the road...not MY road this time, but THE road...I have been looking around blogland for tales of vintage campers and such, and found these fab sites:


There's something wonderfully romantic about these little homes on wheels, don't you think?

And even some that are quite unconventional:
It's a Citroen H...purchased on Ebay. The owner happens to own a wonderful little shop...


AND, I am SO excited to tell you, that we have just purchased the paint to make OUR little canned ham the aqua camper of my dreams...it's official "Serro Scotty" teal/aqua!

It's an "old" aqua...kind of teal but not quite. Annnnnnnnyway, I was able to find something the right color and Lowe's color matched it, so voila! We will have our "vintage" look although our little canned ham missed the 50s by about 20 years! I can't wait to get it painted and get the red and white striped awning ordered...

EEK! I can hardly wait!

More soon!

Hugs and Scotty kisses to ye all!

Paula Clare


Mollye said...

Hey Paula, I loved this post. IWe have friends who have a "teardrop" camper and they're in some sort of club and it's just a hoot all the friends and activities they've been part of. Love all the little campers. We have our daughters motor home parked next to our house. Wonder what she'd think if she came down here to visit and found it aqua and pink! Oh my friend you're giving me naughty ideas now!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

What a treat. I can't wait to see your little camper all done.


Melinda said...

Hi Paula..
My sister Melissa and I are hoping to do the same thing..paint a camper aqua..but first we are in search of an affordable camper!!!
Cant wait to see what you do with yours!!

Erin said...

Lucky girl, I'm jealous. Can't wait to see the results.

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, First things first - OMG what a cute camper book! Will it be filled to capacity? I love the little Annie Oakley image. Can't wait for your canned hammed adventures! I'm having such a time with my hands, but I must put on my list a camper garland to make for you. Vivian is planning a summer trip to Columbus for motorcycle shows with her husband. It would be wonderful to plan a trip then. A tour of my craftroom? If more than two are in there you can't move around! My craft room is cute, but I must warn you my house is not at all! Terrible need of make over - and now with no carpet allowance - just close your eyes in those rooms! Embarrassing! Paula, I would love for you to come this way. Even if you only came as far as Dayton, that is where the Antique Mall is. When I saw this one I immediately thought of the aqua one you had your eye on at Christmas. Did you get it? Head spinning, must rest! E (Oh No! I just eye spied your Howdy cowgirl with her sheep! Too you!)

Julie said...

What fabulous campers, Paula! Love your vintage aqua color--and with red & white--DREAMY!!!

Can't wait to see it all finished!