Tuesday, March 16


Greetings, dear reader!

I am yet again breaking my Lenten fast to share with you the amazing treasures received from my swap partner,  Michaja in Provence, France!

Here is what awaited me when I opened the envelope...

And HERE is what was wrapped in all this loveliness:

Aren't these fabrics lovely? And look what else!?

I wish this were smellavision...you could get a whiff of the heavenly lavender fragrance that filled the envelope and now my craft room!

Thank you, Michaja! You should be receiving your package any day now!

Paula Clare

1 comment:

Michaja said...

Dear Paula

I'm so happy my package arrived to you. And that it pleases you!
I have received yours today. Will make a post for my blog tomorrow as I have little time now. But I can already tell you that I'm really happy with both the fabrics and the gift you made. It's so beautiful. Thank you so much!
And how funny that we sent each other the same fabric :)