Monday, March 22


Greetings again dear reader! It seems no matter WHAT I do I just cannot stay off of my blog! Alas and alack, I must post yet again to fulfill my obligation to the Dutch Sisters Surprise Spring Swap. 

Behold the package I sent to my friend Michaja in Provence, France:

It's a little love sampler made from a flour sack towel! It was SO MUCH FUN to get my head "outside the box" when it comes to sewing...using Stayz On ink pads ensures my stamped images will stay on forever! 

I'm so glad she liked it! I hope we can swap again sometime! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs,
Paula Clare


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Paula,

What a beautiful sampler towel. You are so talented, and the designs are adorable. Not much longer and you can blog full time again! Have an awesome Easter.


Candice Carpenter said...

Paula, you are too funny!! My book is not for sale silly you could make one waaay cuter than mine. ;-) hugs

Cottage Cozy said...

Fabulous package to receive! creative! I came over to visit from my sister Diane's blog... Saturday Finds!

I am having a "Blue Monday" giveaway. Hope you can pop over and take a look! So nice visiting your blog today! Have a great Wednesday!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Jacqueline said...

That is so cute! What a blessing to be on the receiving end of that cute piece.
Hey, may enjoy my gnome posting all of April...I'm having a give away and I'd love for you to come over and be a part of it. It's called GNOMES AHOY! Starts April 1st!

Creative Breathing said...

Paula! What a way to start my Monday! This is just the cutest idea ever! Only you know how to grab the glue gun by the cord and create such original creations. I just love this idea! I wanted to tell you that I will go to Michael's today to see if there are any left. If not rest assure I will scoot some of mine into your tag box! They are cute! I am so happy you are back. This has been the longest Lenten season ever considering I've been waiting for Easter since February 15th! Elizabeth

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Your tags arrived today! Oh my goodness, I would hate to see your not lame tags! Holy cow!! Are these the cutest tags ever!!!! And how on earth did you get that turkey in the oven? I remember you telling the story about that meal. Hysterical! I am so glad you have shared it in your tags. Oh Paula, I am so glad you have been a part of this swap. You make it extra special, and everyone is so excited to have you participate. Still waiting for Easter, E