Sunday, February 14


Greetings, dear readers!

Be sure to be looking in the mail this week for a package from yours truly...between all the gnome hub-bub and the Valentine's Day swaps and such, I am afraid I have been working frantically to get everything together and in the mail...but it's on the way! PROMISE!

Dearest Nan of "Retired in Alaska", your gnome package will include a valentine that I hope you feel is worth the wait! Dear friend Faith Lynn, your box of altared art goodies (from the giveaway a thousand years ago) has been found (GLORY BE!) and will be stashed in a "GIVE TO FAITH" box for the art retreat! I hope you are feeling better after your surgery!

Dear blog friends, Meri, Joy, Elizabeth, Vivian and others to whom I've promised a gnome tag, Valentine or SOMETHING...your packages will be winging their way to you right away!

Dear swap partner, Michaja: I have not forgotten you! Your sweet little spring package will be winging its way to France soon...oh how I LOVE IT that I got a french swap partner! It's just all too wonderful!

Off to tap, package and snap photos like a mad woman...OH! Speaking of photos...check out my Facebook page to find my pictures of Florida...I'll be posting them here tomorrow! Stay tuned!

ATTENTION: HIPPIE ALERT! I found the most CHARMINGLY wonderful hippie/artist community in Florida! My Florida update will include these photos...DON'T MISS IT!

Hugs to's good to be home...however, the recent blizzard makes me long for the palm trees, I must admit.

Paula Clare


Nan said...

Thank you Paula I'll be looking forward to receiving the gnome package and the Valentine. Wow that green hippy shop there is something else. What was in there?

Meri Wiley said...

Dearest Paula,

I'm sorry you're missing the palm trees already, but I know home is where the heart is. I'm looking forward to your piccy's, and I'm in no hurry for my tag, I'm just exstatic that I'm getting one!!!! I'm sure I shall treasure it forever, and I'm hopefully going to have to start a place to put gifts. Not that I'm expecting much, but it sure is nice and if any of you talented, wonderful, sweet ladies deems me worthy enough to send something golly, I'm gonna' honor it properly and hang it in my day to day sight. Thank you again, and have a good week.