Monday, February 15


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, here are the pics of the groovy hippie-esque art community found in Matlacha, (Mat-Luh-Shay) Florida...I could SOooo live there!

THIS was my favorite place...Leoma Lovegrove's Gallery and Garden...a true blast from the FAB 60's!



Another great gallery: The Wild Child! I LOVED it!



The Matlacha Menagerie:

This is my friend Meleah...sitting in front of the other end of the Menagerie...


This is the shoe shop...note the shoes on the roof! What fun!

This Fisherman's Diner was our choice for lunch...unfortunately, it was open only for dinner. :-(

And HERE is the house I found that I wanted to buy, move into and become a full time resident of Matlacha:


Isn't it wonderful? The gingerbread, hand painted tiles  and quaint picket fence just KILL me! I actually got the number of the realty company  that's selling it...I'm going to call just for grins and see if it's even in the realm of possibility. 

The house is only a few hundred yards from this:


An artistic, tropical, hippie like community...I'd fit right in, don't you think?
Hugs and tropical kisses,
Paula Clare


GardenofDaisies said...

That is the cutest littler house! And the hippie art places look groovy man. :-)

barncat said...

What great pictures! It looks so warm and sunny, and very colorful!

Linda said...

Wow...what a happy looking place...I love all the color! What a tonic that is for all the rain-soaked gloom we're having here in the PNW!

Meri Wiley said...

Dear Paula,

Not only would you most likely fit in, but you'd probably be mayor shortly after. It looks perfectly heavenly, fun and peaceful at the same Let us know the price and specs on the gingerbread A-frame.....okay?