Friday, January 8


Greetings, dear reader!

In all the excitement of the gnome party,I forgot to share with you the adorable Valentines papers from BoBunny:

Are they not so sweet your teeth hurt? Also, I found this darling gnome embroidery pattern, FREE from Annie Oak Leaves:

How sweet are those faces?! You can print the pattern onto fabric and make adorable little stuffies...The design is simple enough I may give it a "go"!

Also, look at the wonderful fabric I won from Sweet Tidings contest:

It's a little red riding hood fabric and a bohemian print...the print made me think of Cath Kidston and Happy from Happy Loves Rosie fame. I have scanned the fabric to make paper backgrounds for my gnome book...and I will sew up pillows or some such with the actual fabric. I won the mushroom ribbon too! Isn't it grand?

I am also playing along with Elizabeth and her January tag along...with a Betsy McCall paper doll! She found this amazing website that has all the Betsy McCall dolls from the very beginning! She asked us to choose the doll from the year of our birth...odd how the fashion absolutely "fits" my style! Look!


Guess which outfit I will choose? Also, the one from my MONTH was even MORE perfect:

"Cousin Barbara" is blonde! And I REALLY had an outfit like this...the white blouse, red sash and "wild pants"...Soooooooo "me" as a teenager!

I will be making a tag from for me and one for E! What fun...who says paper dolls are just for kids?!

More soon,
Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Paula, Paula, Get me to the paper store!!!! Oh my gosh we need Gnome tags now! We need a Gnome Party Invitation! We need you in on this party that began because of you! I think we are now officially seven years old again! Have a great weekend! PS I'm serious, you are now an official hostess! Love ya, E

Paula Clare said...

Woohoo! To the store I go! I shall create said "gnome-y" invitations and I shall make each party goer a gnome tag! Let us don our red "dunce caps"! Let the party begin!

Faith Lynn said...


The dress my eyes were drawn to (as I shut my eyes and imagined your little face from our childhood) was the Checked Cotton Dress with an Empire Waist! Would the bobby socks have a bow on them?

Your Pal,
Faith Lynn

Paula Clare said...

Dear Pal Faith,
You know me SO WELL! You are correct! The clincher for the plaid was the MATCHING DUSTER! How I love it! It's the vision of the "counselor me" as I've grown and purchased many dresses with their coordinating dusters...

And yes, of COURSE the bobby sox would have a RED bow on them...

Cat said...

love the idea of scanning the fabric to make paper!!

GardenofDaisies said...

I loved Betsy McCall when I was a little girl. I still have a paperdoll collection. And I have a little 8"(?) Betsy doll. Also LOVE that LIttle Red Riding Hood fabric!!! where did you get it? That has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. (I could go on about that forever, but think I better leave it for a blog post.)
So glad I found your blog!!

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