Monday, January 18


Greetings my fellow gnomekins!

I thought since we have discussed the origins of the Scandanavian gnomes, it only fitting I retell a couple of old tales lest some of you missed them "way back when."

First, the little gnome book I told you I sent to our dear Elizabeth? Here are some photos of the "oldie but goodie":

The book is called "Totens Christmas Secret" circa 1951. The dutch colors illustrated inside are just luscious:

I found the little Christmas gnome at the same estate sale...don't you just love his sweet little face?

Also, since we're in the "bohemian" neighborhood, I thought I'd post some pics of a wonderful little place Hubby Dear and I found in beautiful Loveland, Colorado:

 I give you, "The Bohemian Cottage" (Aren't the colors just yummy?):

In great European fashion, the food was served in several courses. Here, we have been brought a tureen full of Czech Potato soup with Bulgarian Dumplings...YUM!

The decor was out of this world...and it occurred to me WHY I like the "Bohemian style"'s a little of everything...and VERY colorful! Lucy hand painted the entire cottage! Gorgeous! She decorates like I do!

The food was amazing...I had Wiener (VEENER) Shnitzel with potatoes (which is actually Austrian, not German) and my husband had Roast Schnitzel with mushrooms, gravy and potatoes. The portions were huge...and, unlike many restaurants, our waitress (who was the co-owner) and her husband (the cook and other co-owner) came to our table to chat and see how we liked the food. They were a delightful couple...very genuine and kind. They both had really, neat accents. (Czechoslovakian) They have been in the states for many years, but you'd never know it...they sounded like they just got off the boat! Here's a photo of Lucy, Henry, and hubby dearest:

Apparently Lucy is quite the gardener also...she was talking to another patron and invited she and her husband out to their garden to talk plants:

Thanks, Lucy and Henry! Eating at the Bohemian Cottage was a WONDERFUL experience!

So dear reader, if ever you are in the Loveland/Estes Park, Colorado area, you must stop in and say hello to this fun couple! Oh...and DO prepare to eat too much! Apparently it's the "Bohemian" way!

More soon!
Paula (the Bohemian) Clare


Meri Wiley said...

OMG Paula...first, I once lived in Boulder Colorado when I was in third grade (first time I saw snow was Christmas Eve), and our family used to go to Estes Park pretty regularly for the short period of time that we lived there. I remember getting a flocked deer toy there, and just being facinated with Estes park, especially the amusement park and their old it still there?
Second, I not only lived in Germany for about a year and a half, but part of my heritage is Bulgarian (paternal side), so I totally identify with the food, and I could and did literally eat it 7 days a week! Wurst and potatoes are my weakness.....;o)

Thanks for sharing your trip, it brought back many, many good memories for me.

God Bless,

Faith Lynn said...


I loved the outside of this cottage, It looks like a "canned ham" doesn't it?

Faith Lynn

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Paula...
You and I are going to get along like cocoa and whipped cream! I loved this tour today and I'm putting a trip to Colorado on my wish list to dine at this place. It's right up my alley. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks also for coming to my blog. Are you entering the Queens in Training grab-bag-give-away on my blog? There's still a seat for you!

~~Carol~~ said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog today. Your creations are so magical, and full of inspiration!
I so wish I had known about that restaurant when we were in Colorado a few years ago. My grandparents came over from Czechoslovakia, so I grew up eating and loving that kind of food. Right now I've got a craving for some dumplings and sauerkraut!
Happy Monday!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a fun place to eat! I love restaurants with unique character.

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! That place is so cute!! Too bad it is too far for me to visit anytime soon. I'll have to take my camera to the Swedish Village near here. The colors and decorations are very similar.

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Where to begin! I love that I am reading along and then suddenly there is music that always makes me laugh! You pick such perfect go-togethers! Paula, I don't have a memory at all of this little book. There were so many gifts, I think I didn't see it. I am so very sorry. I will keep my eyes open to replace it for you. Oh this restaurant! WOW! WOW! Oh, I am so excited for you and your new "Canned Ham". It looks just like the real one! An awning is needed, definitely! I want to let you know the last of your woodland animals have been added to your Valentine's box and will go out in the mail tomorrow. Thank you so much again for introducing me to Gnomes! This has been such fun. Elizabeth

Linda said...

What a wonderful restaurant! Don't you love those places with their own unique style?

Nan said...

Paula thanks for the tour of the Bohemian Restaurant, so unique. I'm always looking forward to your sweet posts. The gnome book is so whimiscal I'm always a sucker for such books. Nan

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

ooo! Fun! It reminds me of someplace in PA for what reason I can't imagine...

Now I'm hungry...